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As a rapidly growing business, Motto Catering LLC. has remained true to its principals of sustainability and regionality ever since its establishment in 2001 and is eager to share its environmental statements with the outside world.As a result of our environmental awareness our company was honoured in 2016 with the Austrian eco-label for businesses in gastronomy and tourism by the ministry of environment.With growing numbers of events and employees comes a certain social responsibility of living by example - an obligation we are more than happy to meet. Our efforts begin with the environmentally responsible behaviour of each and every employee, followed by the thoughtful purchase of regional goods and finishing with the prospective disposal of waste. Only a vigilant and abiding implementation of the imposed eco-regulations can lead to a reduction of energy consumption and accumulation of garbage in the long term.It is the utmost concern of Motto Catering to leave behind a healthy and liveable environment for all generations to come. For that reason, all our employees carry this label with pride, commitment and responsibility. Through continuous improvement of our operating processes we advocate for a future-oriented and ecologically compliant subsistence strategy, to help create a better environment for all of us.The success of our services is not merely based on an industrialized business model supported by mass production. In fact, it is built on the unique personality of the owner, management and, first and foremost, our highly dedicated staff, who are asked to bring distinct corporate and ecological thinking to each task.

High quality, as well as eco-friendly and resource-preserving corporate policies, focusing on the reduction of water consumption and waste disposal, count as the most important requirements for receiving the Austrian eco-label for businesses in gastronomy and tourism.

Based on an extensive catalogue of criteria, businesses are sectioned into categories - like energy or environmental management - and evaluated accordingly. In the course of that evaluation, Motto Catering has proudly fulfilled all specifications.

The MOTTO is: regional with high quality standards

Knowing where our products come from is just as important to us as maintaining direct and personal contact with all of our suppliers, which is why we mainly rely on regional products with short delivery routes. Our fish, for instance, comes from the fishery Gut Dornau in lower Austria. We source our bread from the famous Viennese steam oven bakery Öfferl, vegetables from various Austrian farmers and our beer from the Ottakringer brewery Vienna.

Only with a well-considered selection of products and suppliers can we ensure to deliver the high-quality standard we want to provide for our customers.

Accordingly, we promote regional products and foster connections with local agricultural businesses.

Frequent inspections guarantee a persistent all-over quality, which is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for the customer.

The MOTTO is: a satisfied customer

We provide a broad range of catering themes that are exclusively tailored to our customer’s event and particular needs. Because our spectrum is so multifaceted, it does not matter whether we cater for familial weddings, festive Christmas parties, a glamorous ball in the Hofburg or an international congress at Austria Centre Vienna. Whether we produce everything ourselves or outsource certain services, whether a meal has to be lactose or gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, halal or kosher, we customize each and every catering to fit the specified requirements and locations perfectly.

To keep our customers involved, we disclose a list of potential allergens on every menu card. Any requests, suggestions or constructive criticism concerning an event or specific aspects of our services are gladly accepted. For this purpose, we created a feedback form for customers to be able to share their experiences with us. In addition, all hosts will be contacted after the event by the correspondent head of catering to go over the details and thereby ensure continual future improvement. All collected information is diligently evaluated by the management.

The MOTTO is: organic & fair

Taste fair quality! Organically grown coffee beans, harvested under fair working conditions and bought at fair prices characterize the Motto organic coffee from our local roasting facility Alt Wien and add a clear conscience to the pleasure of its consumption. The taste of organic Fairtrade, however, is also found in many other products we provide, such as the organic tea from Demmers Tea House or the Fairtrade chocolate, which we source exclusively from our Fairtrade Partners in lower Austria and Vienna.

The MOTTO is: environmental protection

Sustainability and the protection of the environment are the guiding principles our company is built on. From food development, to the submission of offers, all the way to serving the dishes, every member of our crew is exercising great caution when handling natural resources.

By establishing a strict waste management policy at our company, we have obligated ourselves to practice a sustainable separation of waste. By using reusable materials whenever possible, we aim to avoid the creation of waste in the first place. Reusing materials, as well as buying products in larger quantities, allows us to massively reduce the use of PET bottles and disposables.

Whenever disposables are inevitable, solely ecologically degrading materials, like bamboo or palm leaves, are used.

Considerate handling of natural goods is an essential part of our daily business. To minimize the overproduction of food at congresses we collaborate closely with our clients, focusing on detailed planning of grocery acquisition and food preparation. This way, unnecessary waste can be successfully prevented.

During the preparation of many dishes, waste oil is generated as a by-product. For that reason, we conducted research on possible recycling methods. Since used oil is not to be disposed in residual waste, Motto Catering has decided to partner with Bio Oil. The waste oil is used by Bio Oil as a raw material and processed into a new kind of “green” fuel.

Even in the procurement of goods, sustainability is a number one priority. Large-scale orders not only ensure sufficient supply, but also considerably reduce the creation of packaging waste and carbon dioxide emission due to transportation. When it comes to purchasing equipment, we not only look for cost-efficient acquisition, but also take social responsibility by primarily buying products from E.U. countries such as, for example, German porcelain by Bauscher.

Through extensive modernization, Motto Catering keeps up to date. By digitizing the department of sales and accounting for and storing all relevant documents on computers, working processes have become much more efficient. As a bonus, we are able to cut down almost half a ton of print-out paper per year, which we consider an environmental success.

When furnishing the office with electrical equipment we make sure to only buy energy-efficient devices. That is why all currently in-use appliances at the Motto bureau carry the Energy Star label. Our water-saving sanitary facilities also contribute to the reduction of power and water consumption. In addition, only biodegradable cleaning agents are used to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. The most crucial aspect, however, is switching off all major power consumers when not in use.

To avoid engine idling, the members of our production department schedule the operation of all machines precisely. Like the office appliances, our production equipment consists primarily of low-energy devices. One hundred percent of our power is drawn from “green” providers, resulting in a further reduction of wasted energy. Nevertheless, we deploy specialized personnel to evaluate our consumption levels regularly, in order to rectify any occurring irregularities as quickly as possible.

The MOTTO is: diversity

Despite its size, Motto Catering LLC maintains very close and personal relations with its employees. A respectful and open interaction of all departments on all levels is implicitly expected and greatly valued. Only satisfied employees are able to tap their full potential and help achieve the company’s goals.

Motto Catering is proud and thankful for its diversity. An international team of men and women with different religions, diverse sexual orientations and a broad age range contributes to the business’s success.

We maintain a fair and open personnel policy, ensuring that workers receive employment based solely on their qualifications for the position, whether they are male or female, full- or part-time, re-entering after parental leave or returning long time employees.

The following are some examples of our company’s diversity:

All leading positions were solely selected for the candidate’s qualifications and experience. Through this process, the management position was given to a woman. Our head of sales is a proud member of the LGBTQ community, and another key position was filled by a person in the age group over 50, despite the higher expenses. Women and families receive special support within the Motto group, which is why a strategic position was awarded to a woman with foreign origin, returning to the workforce for part-time employment.

Flexible work schedules – like working from home – support our employees in all circumstances and enable an even work-life balance.

As a catering business, we provide a daily lunch for the crew in our own Motto cafeteria. Unlimited fresh fruits, coffee, tea and water are available for the staff.

The MOTTO is: a good feeling

With the display of the Austrian eco-label at all our catering events we want to communicate our sustainable work to our customers, while simultaneously giving the guests the good feeling of supporting Austrian businesses by consuming our meals.

The fact that this means reducing our ecological footprint can be considered a big bonus.

The Motto Group annually hosts a charity event at its own expenses. All proceeds go to a South African children’s hospital, specializing on infantile HIV infections. The owner’s goal is an annual increase of donations. In 2019 we collected the proud amount of 200.000€.

GREEN EVENTS – With our help, our customers will find it easy to receive the “Green Event” certification for their event. Firstly, because we already fulfil many of the requirements, and secondly because we know all terms and conditions, as well as additional qualifications that are expected.

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